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Lulu’s Hair Extensions & Beauty Salon: Your destination for the best hair care and beauty services.

In the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, you’ll find Lulu’s Hair Extensions & Beauty Salon, the perfect place to meet all your hair care needs. Our expert team of stylists is dedicated to providing exceptional results and high-quality services.

From wash and roller sets to wash and blow-dry styles, our services are designed to leave your hair flawless. Additionally, we specialize in high-quality and natural hair extensions, offering various options to help you achieve the look you desire.

With convenient hours from Monday to Sunday, Lulu’s Hair Extensions & Beauty Salon is ready to provide exceptional care and stunning results. Come and discover why so many trust our services!

Visit Lulu’s Hair Extensions & Beauty Salon and let us care for your hair. We welcome you with open arms to help you look and feel amazing!

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Elevate Your Look with Our 100% Human
Hair Extensions !

Dreaming of luscious, voluminous locks that turn heads wherever you go? Look no further than Lulu’s Hair Extensions & Beauty Salon, your ultimate destination for premium hair extension services.

Our skilled stylists specialize in a variety of hair extension techniques that will beautifully enhance your natural beauty. From braided extensions to create stunning length and texture, to full head extensions that provide instant glamour, we have the perfect option to suit your unique style.

Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair with our micro-link and Brazilian knot extensions that add enviable thickness and volume. For those seeking a protective style that is both stylish and versatile, our box braids will leave you feeling fabulous.

We understand that maintaining the health and integrity of your natural hair is crucial. That’s why our expert team uses gentle removal methods to ensure a seamless transition when it’s time to take out your extensions.

The exceptional service and great customer service

Discover why so many trust our services!

Hair Extensions

  • Full Head Extensions
  • Braided Extensions
  • Extension Removal
  • Sewing on Machine

Hair Styling

  • Hair Styling
  • Color and Retouch
  • Trimming and Curling
  • Specialized Styling and Treatment Services

Hair Extensions For Sale

  • We sell 100% Human Hair Extensions

Our Prices List

Hair Extension Services

Full Head Extensions:

  • Pricing: $200 and up (hair is not included)
  • Italian Method Extensions: $30
  • Full Head Extensions (Other Method): $300
  • Keratin Bonded Extensions: $50
  • Full Head Micro-link Extensions: $450
  • Micro-link Extensions (Per Line): $40
  • Brazilian Knot Extensions (Per Line): $45
  • Full Head Brazilian Knot Extensions: $450
  • Box Braids Extensions: $220

Braided Extensions: $25 per line

Extension Removal:

  • Removal Service: $25
  • Keratin Bonded Extension Removal: $70
  • Micro-link Extension Removal: $35
  • Brazilian Knot Extension Removal: $70
  • Extension Removal (Other Method): $35

Sewing on Machine:

  • Clip-In Extensions (Customized): $25.00 per line
  • Personalized Ponytail (Hair not included): $75.00

Hair Styling Services

Styling Services:

  • Wash and Roller Set: $25
  • Wash and Blow Dry:
  • Price: $35 and up
  • Botox Treatment: $230

Color and Retouch Services:

  • Permanent Color: $75 and up
  • Retouch: $65.00
  • Relaxer: $75.00
  • Semi-permanent Color: $55.00
  • Highlights: $125 and up

Trimming and Curling Services:

  • Trimming Ends: $15
  • Curling Ends: $25
  • Full Head Curling: $40.00

Specialized Styling Services:

  • Ponytail Styling: $55.00
  • Half Up and Half Down Styling: $40.00

Treatment Services:

  • Keratin Treatment: $150 and up
  • Stem Cells Treatment (CĂ©lulas madre): $80

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